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Höga Kusten Hike ställer stora krav på ditt eget omdöme. Ge dig inte ut om du har besvär i rygg eller knän. Inte heller om du har någon annan komplikation eftersom vandringen kan vara påfrestande på kroppen. Var även aktsam på ditt tillstånd om du planerar att bila hem direkt efter loppet. Vi rekommenderar åtta timmars vila innan du kör bil.


For your safety, we will have first aid personnel placed at the Tärnättvattnet checkpoint. They can help if you should develop any problems along the way. You can report problems at all checkpoints where all officials are trained in first aid. Officials can also contact headquarters located at the Höga Kusten Resort in case anyone needs to be collected by helicopter. However, despite these extra measures, participants should be able to be without assistance for the majority of the hike.

Do not take any unnecessary risks

Seriously, try not to take any unnecessary risks. Slåttdalsberget, and the viewpoints at Skåttdalsskrevan and Skuleberget are high risk points. If any part of the trail feels a little risky, ask a fellow hiker for help.

Take a rest when you get tired and eat when you get hungry. Make sure you drink a lot of water. Don’t cook inside the tent, but rather outdoors and in an open area.

Mobile phone coverage

The majority of the High Coast Hike route has mobile phone coverage, but some areas do not. It is therefore necessary for you to have an alternative plan for getting attention should you become sick or injured, or need to reach a checkpoint.

We do not take responsibility for your whereabouts; it is up to participants to contact officials if assistance is required.


You do not need the latest equipment to be able to take part on the hike, but you do need a warm sweater/fleece jacket, a sleeping bag designed for outdoor use and a first aid kit for both yourself and your fellow hikers’ safety.

If you have to discontinue the hike

If you decide that you cannot complete the hike you must inform an official at a checkpoint or call +46 (0)70 540 8577. If you need transport from the trail to the Höga Kusten Resort we can arrange this from the Checkpoints in Kär and Dal for SEK 500 per car. In the case of an urgent accident, call 112 (SOS Alarm).

We hope that this information does not put you off coming along. Accidents are very uncommon, but you can never be too careful.